Designing Ethically Pt. 2

Nowadays, it seems like a lot of worst-case scenarios have been unveiled. A common response from companies in hot water is that the unethical consequences they caused were “unforeseen.” 1) I’m calling BS on that. 2) It is more imperative than ever for those in tech — not just designers — to play a role in preemptively preventing “unforeseen” issues. 3) The redesigned design process can help.

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Designing Ethically Pt. 1

As designers, we have fought tooth and nail for a seat at the table. Some of us are still fighting the good fight. We are fighting because we realize the impact of our work. We are fighting because we know that we can exact measurable improvements. We are fighting because we believe that human-centered decision making is of utmost importance. And what is more human-centric than making ethical choices...

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Apathy isn't in our Blood

Now, more than ever, is the time to stand up and raise our voices. Especially Asian Americans. The in-betweens. For too long, we’ve remained comfortable watching the injustices around us, and not doing much about them. Why on earth do we need to engage? We aren’t criminalized and brutalized by the police. We aren’t constantly threatened with deportation. We aren’t painted as the “bad guys” in mainstream news channels. We’re the “model minority,” after all. And that’s exactly the problem...

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Katherine Zhou