Ways & means

Ways & Means is a small radio show produced by the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University. The podcast is about surprising successes and spectacular failures in the art of creating successful neighborhoods, cities, states and countries. W&M is "a show for people curious about the sprawling human laboratory we call democracy, who want to know how things really work, and why the most glamorous ideas about improving human society sometimes fail." As a not-so-secret political science nerd, I was lucky to have had the chance to design the branding, create the website, and illustrate the podcast covers, which come out every month. 



The producers wanted the branding for the podcast to reflect its dynamic approach to politics: traditional meets modern. By combining a modern sans-serif font with a more traditional ampersand, I created a look that is bold and suggests multiple perspectives, especially with the polarized arrows on the ampersand. The palette is restricted to black, white, and grey for a more serious and commanding aesthetic and also so the focus can be placed on the podcast artwork specifically.



The following are several examples of podcast cover art that I created for Ways & Means. I wanted the images to all be stylistically similar so that you could look at any image and immediately identify it as belonging to Ways & Means. By juxtaposing black/white and color, I've created a distinct illustrative brand for the podcast that reflects a cleaned-up and less caricatured version of the modern political cartoon.