Bull City

Over the course of my undergraduate career, Durham has found a special place in my heart. As I have gotten the chance to explore the hidden treasures in this city, I have grown to appreciate the community here. Whether it's scoping out the produce at the local farmer's market, running at half marathon at the Bull City Race, or hanging out with friends at Motorco on a weekend evening, I've curated unforgettable memories from this gem of a city. The Durham that I know and love is s a city with spunk and character. To celebrate this wonderful place, I created an illustration that pays homage to the one and only Bull City.



Durham's mascot is the bull and it is absolutely ubiquitous. You can see logos plastered everywhere near the Durham Bull's stadium. You can check out the giant metal sculpture of the bull in the center of the city. You can find little artistic gems that represent bulls on virtually every street. I wanted to create a design that implied the shape of a bull, and also spelled out "DURHAM." 

It was challenging to lay the words out and format them, but after at least 20 tries, I developed a rough sketch, which I then converted into a vector. The horns of the bull are represented by the "D" and "H." The "U" and "R" represent the eyes of the bull. And the "A" and "M" represent the nostrils.


Mockup on T-shirt