Daydreamer turned designer.


Katherine (Kat) is a product designer who is passionate about designing ethical, accessible, and inclusive solutions that leverage tech to positively impact others. When she's not wireframing or prototyping, she's writing and coding.

After graduating from a university down south, she is currently in Austin, TX at IBM Design on the Security team, building a cloud platform for security developers to integrate existing SaaS products that proactively protect enterprises from cyberattacks. Previously, she was in Washington, D.C., designing products and experiences for the US Air Force via IBM iX.

Her hobbies include: creating podcast art, crafting photo essays, teaching kids design thinking, volunteering with Open City Advocates and Everytown for Gun Safety, collecting/reading books, tickling the ivories, and traveling without Google Maps.



Reading Letters to a Young Muslim

Exploring ethical design in tech

Listening to Eimaral Sol + BROCKHAMPTON



IBM CraftCon: August 16, 2018 in Austin, TX

IBM Design Studio: April 12, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

UXCamp DC: January 13, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Ideate: April 15, 2017 @ Duke University


Fun Facts

Performed piano in NYC's Carnegie Hall four times

Filmed a short documentary about a dancer that aired locally

Graffiti'd buildings in NYC for a (school-approved) project